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Save upto 80% on monthly rentals

Safe Storage & Warehousehouse Bangalore for Household goods storage - Cheap and Safe

Safe Storage & Warehouse Services

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Making storage experience safer & simpler

Express Movers Packers has over 1.3 million sq ft storage space nationwide. We have robust processes and technology to manage seamless warehousing & storage operation and helping our customers in terms of convenience and cost.

Safe Storage Benefits

  • Modern and Secure Storage infrastructure.

  • End to End Services including safe packing, pickup and delivery services, loading / unloading, dismantling of furniture and other equipment.

  • Cost Efficiency and Process Improvement.

  • Real time updates on Inventory, delivery and scheduling.

  • reasonable rentals, robust security and convenience.

  • Goods insured against Fire, Loss, Damage, Pilferage etc.

  • Item-wise and location-wise inventory management

  • 24-hour accessibility with prior scheduling.

  • Discounts available for long-term storage over 12 months.

  • Transit Storage services available from few days to weeks.

  • Safe packing using ISO grade packing material.

  • Logistical Support for pickup and distribution network.

  • Transit Storage and Warehousing : invulnerable and inexpensive.

While moving from one city to another or from one country to another, sometime it may so happen that the destination residence is not ready to be occupied or there is a delay in getting the procession of house or some some maintenance work needs to be done and the goods have already reached the destination city. Express Movers Packers Bangalore provides economical & secure  transit storage in Bangalore and other major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Cochin, Bhubneshwar, Guwahati, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh. 

  • Short Term Storage / Warehousing :

Express Packers Bangalore provides short term storage and warehousing services for Household Goods and Commercial goods.

There may be situations when an Corporate employee is moving abroad for short term projects abroad or clients are getting their house renovated or a situation like the recent Covid 19 Lock down when lot of employee have moved to their native locations since companies have mandated WFH but still paying high rents. Short term warehousing is an appropriate and cost effective solutions to such a situation since the most of us don't know when the situation will normalize and normal on-site office work will start.

  • Long Term Storage / Warehousing :

You may be a corporate employee or professional going abroad on a long term project or a new job and taking your family along, a manufacturer or trader looking for a warehouse and distribution of your products in the city, You may want to keep your goods safely. Express Movers Bengaluru has secure storage facilities with state-of-art security and management tools to provide long term storage facilities with multiple storage options based on customized requirements, budgets and safety of goods. We also provide storage facility for Bikes and Cars.

Secure & Economical Storage & Warehouse

Express Packers Movers provides budget  & risk-free Household and Personal Goods storage facilities in Bangalore and major cities across India including Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. Our services are safe, economical and accessible which makes us one of the top rated warehousing and storage services providers in Bangalore. 

Business & Commercial Storage Solutions

Household Goods Storage & Warehouse Services

As rentals and property prices increase higher than ever, it become prudent for corporates rationalize commercial space usage. Express Storage and Warehouse services is dedicated to ensuring that its clients have the warehousing resources they need to continue smooth operation and growth. Weather its inventory management, storing excess furniture or IT equipment while operations are streamlined between projects or employee reorganization we have suitable cost effective warehouse and storage solution for your Business.

Our warehouses contain designated pallet spaces for products, their carefully thought-out design means your goods can be stored safely and easily accessible and inventoried. Our IT enabled warehouse management system ensure easy accessibility.

Express Movers & Warehouse Services Bangalore provides multi-client warehouse and storage solutions, dedicated warehousing services to corporates and industry and warehouse related value-added services to our clients across different industries. Our personalized storage solution takes care of client's specific needs and deliver unmatched services and cost savings.

Multi-client or shared warehousing 

Multi clients or shared warehousing facilities stores inventory from multiple clients in a warehouse that share assets and resources resulting in minimizing logistical and storage costs for our clients by only paying for the  warehouse storage facility space they need. The client saves investments in permanent warehouse installation and resources by using our flexible warehousing and distribution systems for their specific projects or seasonal bossiness.  During the lean phase, the goods / inventory / equipment can be stored at our shared warehouse spaces for very reasonable costs, saying 40-85% costs on rentals and equipment. 

Shared or Multi-client warehousing solutions are best suited for individual customers moving abroad or different cities on short term projects, renovating or are in a process of moving while the space is not ready for occupations. Corporate customers and Industry can avail the advantage of storing off-season inventory, excess inventory, project material etc. Shared warehouse is most useful when goods are less volume and don't need regular accessibility or part removal. Since the client only pays for the actual space occupied irrespective of the warehouse size and other resources and amenities are shared, Shared warehouse is a good cost saving option.


Dedicated Warehouse & Storage spaces. 

Dedicated Warehousing is suitable for hub and distribution system where complete warehouse services a single client and can be used a distribution hub with 24/7 complete accessibility . In the dedicated, the resources of the facility work exclusively for single clients  as their extension to provide safe, high quality, cost-effective solutions resulting in a competitive advantage, flexibility and huge cost saving. Our warehouse service team will work with your team to provide expectational supply chain operations including inventorying,  warehousing, distribution and logistical support to ensure satisfied customers for our clients. 

Our warehouse and distribution services provide you with the flexibility to focus on your core business while we accommodate your growth and improve control and visibility of your supply chain.

Dedicated warehouse solutions are best suited for startups and corporate setting up their supply chain network or hub and spoke distribution system or have a master warehouse in the city and are looking for smaller warehouses in different cities for faster local distribution and client servicing. Our warehouse services provide ready to use warehouse which can be customized to customer needs with minor changes and rearrangements, have a inventory management systems, dedicated and experienced staff to ensure the supply chain process can start immediately without investments in fixed assets and training manpower. 

Our Storage & Warehouse Services

Safe & cheap storage and warehouse of Household goods in Bangalore.


Packers Movers provide home goods storage providers in Bangalore with an inexpensive price and complete safety.

Safe Commercial and Industrial Storage Warehouse Bangalore.


Express Movers provides Commercial and Industrial storage & warehouse, Distribution, Logistics...

Packers and Movers Services in Bangalore, Safe & economical movers packers in Bangalore.


Complete storage worthy secure packing services, ISO certified material. Door pickup and door delivery...

Long term and Short term storage of Household goods Bangalore.


Discount on Long term storage with upto 80% saving on rentals. Short term and transit storage facility available...

Electronic goods, IT Equipment, Computer systems, Office Documents packers and storage services in Bangalore.


We are best packers movers & storage service providers in Bangalore for IT Equipment, Computer system..

Car & Bike packers and Storage Warehouse in Bangalore. Car Storage Charges BAngalore.


Long Term storage for Car and Bikes. Safest & Best storage services in Bangalore for all kind of cars....

Household Goods storage
Bussiness Storage
Long term warehoue

How can Warehouse & Storage Services help Corporates & Industry?

  • helps reduce and rationalize rental and other costs.

  • personalized solutions and synergy to fulfill your stated needs and the your customers. 

  • Well defined and documented deliverables and regular reporting our clients to ensure cost & service tracking.

  • Pay only for what you use. We provide turnkey projects but charge you for what you use. 

Warehouse and Stoage services Bangalore. Warehouse and Storage rates in BAngalore

There are many situation that Corporates and Industry need warehouse and storage services - it could be while moving their entire premises or a project team or storing inventory and goods before they are dispatched or shipped to customers, saving valuable office space. We at Express Movers & Storage are experienced and well equipped to meet those requirements. We have a dedicated Corporate client base who have trusted our professional warehousing services for more than 30 years because of our professionalism and commitment in handling their inventory and storage needs. 

At Express storage, we train our team to treat every consignment with utmost care and efficiency, as we would to our own. Our nationwide warehousing facilities are strategically located, clean, dry and completely secure. Short Term commercial warehouse requirements while you are moving or wish to store few goods while new projects come up, or long term storage services for distribution and delivery, we prepare the schedules best suited to your requirements. 


We have made extensive arrangements and installations to keep your inventory and goods safe and intact, while our 24/7 video surveillance and central alarm monitoring systems ensure your goods are well-protected. Every item is inventoried and marked for contents, giving you accurate and full account of the goods warehoused and send weekly reports on inventory and goods movement. Industries that we help in warehousing and distribution network:

  • IT Equipment and Computer Systems

  • Hospitality goods

  • Excess office furniture and Misc. goods.

  • FMCG goods

  • Files and documents

  • Medical equipment

  • General merchandise and garments.

  • Trade show exhibits and structures

  • Store fixtures, installations Etc.


We help maintain accurate stock and inventory status enabling you to run a seamless, error free distribution network. We have adjustable rack systems which ensure optimum use of storage area and inventory management as per requirements, be it files or other inventory goods. 

Our state of the art and customized warehousing  and storage services helps your business manage difference inventory, delivery, storage and related needs by optimizing performance, profitability and performance  while reducing cost and intervention from your teams.  Since Business demand supply chain keep changing, warehousing services help you optimize valuable resources while focusing on immediate and present issues. Other benefits of warehousing include:

  • Faster Deliveries: Warehouse inventory management allows you to fulfill orders faster and straight from your warehouse, reducing the number of fulfillment issues and satisfying your customers with timely delivery. As the warehouse covers specific delivery areas, the delivery time is shortened considerably, mainly because the warehouse is located closer to delivery areas and the delivery teams are well versed with the area.

  • Flexible Storage Solutions: As your business expands, strategically utilizing our warehousing space will offer extra storage you may need to manage multiple parameters of expanding business like increasing team strength and higher inventory volume. Also during festival and peak holiday season when you may require larger space due to higher inventory volume. 

  • Reduce inefficiencies in manufacturing: Warehouses give you better control over your inventory and help you keep track of defective or expired products. That way, you can easily locate and dispose of those products with minimal downtime, streamlining your manufacturing processes.

  • Enables better business decisions: Having access to real-time data allows you to save money and time while making more cost-effective business decisions by lowering labor costs. Warehousing makes it easier to replenish products and materials, supporting your ability to make smart and fast-reorder decisions. 

Warehouse Solutions for your Business 

When your company require reasonable and economical warehousing solutions and is searching for a reputable and affordable relocation company in Bangalore, We have the experience, expertise and resources to make your supply chain and delivery network to make your corporate move, inventory management and delivery schedules go smoothly and make it as stress-free as possible by offering a wide array of options, including commercial warehousing in Bangalore. By providing this service, we help minimize the need for additional outside vendors allowing you to place more focus on your business.

With over a decade of success and experience helping our corporate clients move on tight budgets and deadlines, we have made it a priority to offer warehousing for your shipments. If future re-delivery is required, Express Movers & Warehouse Bangalore. has the capability and expertise to get the job done right. Call us today +91 9341238485 or fill up the request form to receive your FREE move plan and logistics session!

How Express Storage & Warehousing help your Business

Why choose us for your storage requirements

enhance the quality of service and ensure complete customer satisfaction

CCTV installed secure warehouses with dedicated & trained security guards. controlled access to storage area with camera covered entry / exit point. Restricted entry to warehouse for authorized & responsible persons.

24/7 Security

Household Goods safe storage Bangalore.
Household goods packing and strorage in Bangalore

Single Point Contact

Single point contact for every customers handling all aspects of moving from start to finish. This ensures transparency and accountability making sure all the commitments are fulfilled. We are available 24*7 to help you, answer your queries and provide solutions.

Pest Control

Regular monthly pest control to ensure our storage spaces are rodents and pest free. Quarterly high intensity clean up including vaccum cleaning, pest control, fire equipment maintenance and checking through certified vendors. 

Household goods wareshousing and storage services.

Safe Robust Packing

Safe and Robust storage worthy packing. Moisture proof packing by strechfilm and vaccum packing process. ISO grade Packing material  sourced for certified vendors, proven packing processes and procedures.

Safe and Cheap Storage Household goods in Bangalore.
Best safe packing and storage of Household goods.

Convenience & Cost

Save up to 80% on monthly rentals by using our safe storage facilities. Anytime retrieval of goods at short notice period. Part or full retrieval available even if few items are required. Huge cost advantage with full security of goods. 

Car and Bike Storage. Safe packing and Storage of Home goods.

Full Service Storage

Full Service Storage Facility. Dismantling of Furniture and Electrical equipment, Car & Bike Servicing, Secure packing, loading, Door pickup and delivery, Insurance and Claim settlement, Outstation desptach of goods.

Our Household goods storage and warehousing solutions for individual requirements. Long Term Storage, Short period warehousing, Transit Storage. We have customized storage solutions, carefully curated.

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Storage & Warehouse services in Bangalore. Household goods storage rates.

Household and Personal Goods Storage Services.

Secure. Economical. Accessible.

Specialized Car and 2-wheeler storage and warehousing arrangements. Secure rodent free storage, regular service and maintenance. Multiple storage options. Economical prices.

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Car and Bike packing and storage services in Bangalore.

Car and Bike Storage.

Storage. Service. Maintenance

Commercial & Industrial Goods packing and storage facility. Furniture, IT goods & equipment, Commercial goods storage & distribution. We provide best-in-the-class storage facilities.

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Office goods storage & warehousing services in Bangalore.

Commercial & Industrial goods Warehousing Services.

Warehouse. Distribution. Delivery

Complete office setup storage and warehouse services. Files, Documents for safe keeping and storage. High security, any time accessibility. Huge savings on cost and space.

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Office Goods packing and Storage services in Bangalore.

Documents, Files, IT Equipment, Computer Storage.

Secure Warehouse. Fully Insured.

Rates for Home Storage


SIZE : 450 - 500 Sq. ft. Approx.

Charges : Rs. 2200 Per Month approx.


SIZE : 650 - 750 Sq. ft. Approx.

Charges : Rs. 3000 Per Month approx.


SIZE : 850 - 950 Sq. ft. Approx.

Charges : Rs. 4000 Per Month approx.

Convenience. Economical - Upto 80% savings on home rentals. Complete sense of security.

Long Term Storage Discount.

  • For 6 months and above storage period, 10% discount offered.

  • For 12 months and above storage period, 15% discount offered.

Terms & Conditions for Household goods storage.

  • Home storage insurance @ 3% at the declared or depreciated value of goods.

  • GST and other taxes shall be extra.

  • Packing, Loading, Transportation, Unloading and Unpacking, Delivery Charges shall be extra depending on volume of goods.

  • Handyman Services not included

Car and Bike Secure Storage Services

If you are moving abroad or to a different city for short term or you have upgraded to a new car and need parking space for the old car before you sell or dispose it, we have custom-made warehouse and storage solutions for Cars and 2 wheelers. We have completely closed and safe warehouses for Vehicle (Car and 2 Wheeler) storage that are equipped with CCTV at entrance and inside, 24/7 security, restricted entry and cleaning & dusting stations. 

For vehicles stored for longer period, we also arrange servicing at authorized services stations as per schedule. For Cars / bikes stored for longer period, paid services from brand authorized services station or customer requested workshop can be arranged before the delivery of vehicles to the customers. This ensure that customers can use the vehicle immediately after delivery helping them to commute easily without any worries about the condition of the car. 

Our Car and Bike Storage services include:​

  1. Vehicle Insurance renewal on demand basis

  2. Clean, Dry, Individual and secure storage facilities

  3. 24 X 7 Security and CCTV Coverage

  4. Fire Alarm and Fire Control systems.

  5. Regular Pest control services.

  6. Weekly dusting and cleaning. Engine condition regularly checked.

  7. Starting and running the engine weekly.

  8. General check and maintenance of vehicle and regular updates to the customers.

  9. Door pickup and Door delivery of Vehicle.

  10. Secure packing of bikes at your place and delivering it to the destination location in packed condition. 

Car Bike Storage

FAQ : Storage & Warehouse Services

answers to the most asked question we get about storage and warehouse services in Bangalore.

How does Express Storage & Warehouse services work.

Express Household goods Packing and Storage Company is one of best and top rated professional moving company in Bangalore which helps pack and move your household and personal goods into secure, 24/7 monitored and professionally managed storage warehouse. Our packing and movers staff are experienced, background checked, trained and highly competent to ensure the best moving experience to our customers.

Safe Professional Packing

Express Movers & Warehouse crew have professional expertise in dismantling of furniture and removal of electronic and electrical goods, water filter etc., safe storage worthy packing of household goods. Our packing services is customized, safe and professionally done. We continuously train our packing crew to ensure correct usage latest procedures and technologies. Clothes, Kitchen goods and smaller goods will be packed in boxes while larger voluminous goods are packed individually and photographed as a record.


Door Pickup and Delivery

Our logistics services include loading, door pickup and door delivery of goods, unloading and unpacking of goods. Carton boxes containing clothes, kitchen goods and small misc. goods are stretch-wrapped with plastic film and marked individually. Movers packers Bangalore uses hand trucks, pallet trucks, trolleys and other equipment for safe loading and unloading of goods.

Storage & Warehouse

Express Packing and Storage Bangalore has commercial storage and warehouses spaces that are monitored and secured 24/7 having restricted and authorized entry only. Our Warehouse are strategically located to ensure easy access, commercially viable that ensure we can offer best rates to our customers. We use best in the class inventory management tools, security devices and technology, handling equipment and technology

Will Express Storage help in packing also.

Yes, Express Movers packers Bangalore provides complete packing, logistics and storage package. We provide storage worthy packing services for all kinds of Household and Personal goods, Industrial and commercial goods, Office furniture, IT Equipment and Computer systems. We also packing material and carton boxes for self packing.

Our packing is storage worthy as per ISO certified processes using quality packing material sourced from quality controlled vendors.

Will Express Storage provide transportation services.

Yes, Express Moving Storage Bangalore provide transportation services for pickup and drop services. We have all size of container vehicle to provide safe transportation services to our customers.

Is it possible to extend or terminate the contract period.

Yes, Storage period for goods can be terminated or extended by sending a email from the registered ID. Considering that most customer store goods under special circumstances and situation may be beyond control, we are flexible in terms of extending or terminating contracts. We do not charge any penalties for terminating contracts, however 15-20 notice period is required.

How are storage charges fixed

Storage and Warehousing Charges are based on multiple parameters:

Volume of Goods : The volume or number of goods is one of the major parameters to fix storage charges. Since household goods have more volume than weight, the charges are based on volume rather than weight.

Packing : Safe and storage worthy packing is essential part of storage process. 

Transportation : Pickup and delivery of goods.

Storage Period : The longer the storage period, lower the per month storage charges.

Add on Services : Part Shipments, Handyman Services etc. may cost extra.

Can I take or add few items to stored goods.

Yes, It is very much possible to add or remove some goods to already stored goods with prior appointment. Our storage and warehouse team shall coordinate and arrange to fulfill your requirements. 

Are the stored goods insured (Insurance covered)

Household and Commercial goods are insured for damages, loss, breakages or pilferage during packing, storage and transportation period, at an extra cost. We also provide complimentary basic coverage towards loss of goods.

The goods are insured on the basis of declared of depreciated value, whichever is lower and compensation in case of breakage or loss of goods in based on this value. 

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