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Air Cargo & Air Freight Services

Air cargo is vital to the modern supply chain networks since its highly efficient and offers timely & fast delivery. Air Cargo transportation can happen through dedicated all-Cargo freighters or in the passenger plane’s belly hold of passenger flights. The practice to use spare volume in the passenger plane’s belly hold to ship air cargo lowers the costs of transportation and is more viable since the frequency of passenger is more and to high number of destinations. Nearly half of worldwide scheduled air cargo is transported in the belly hold of passenger planes. 

Air Cargo Agents have an important role as a intermediate facilitator and are integral part of the end-to-end Air Cargo process, an essential cog in the freight management process. We are one of most recognized and awarded Air Cargo agents helping our customers in domestic air cargo movements promptly and safely. We handle the uncertainties of the process, coordinate different aspects and multiple players involved in the process, manage documentation and paper and provide a seamless logistical process. 

Air Freight forwarder is not a broker or a commission agent as commonly believed or understood. As per CAB definition,  Air Cargo Forwarding agent is a carrier himself, called "indirect air carrier" in contrast to the "direct air carrier" used to define airlines and operators of aircraft for hire.

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Providing reliable, efficient and quality Air Cargo  & Air Freight and Logistic services.

Express Air Cargo Services Bangalore is amongst the pioneers in India’s Air Cargo and Air Freight space and offering fast, optimized and cost effective Air logistics, the fastest and safest way to deliver goods within the committed delivery time, to any part of the any part of the country. With our long years of experience in logistics and transportation, we have vast expertise in offering reliable Air Cargo Services.


  • Economical Air Freight / Air Cargo

  • Highly efficient & Integrated services with warehousing & distribution network.

  • Door to Door & Airport to Airport Air Cargo Services.

  • Complete Documentation and support.

  • Day Definite Air Freight & Same day delivery services.

  • Multi-modal logistic solutions for non air-connected destinations.

  • Warehousing and Cross Dock facilities available.

Air Freight and Air Cargo is essential part of multi modal logistic solutions considerably reducing transit time and ensuring smooth supply chain management being the fastest and most secure mode of transport. In a vast and geographically diverse country like India, Air Cargo & Freight serves an important role in cargo connectivity and Express Air Freight Bangalore is pioneer in Air Cargo logistics and provides services to all destinations with air connectivity.

Express Air Cargo's experience team of Charter managers and handling staff ensures that your important Air Cargo moves smoothly throughout India, timely and securely with all the documentation and other modalities taken care of. We are experts at delivering documents, products, critical spare parts and industrial goods to almost all air connected destination with short lead time, fast direct flights where ever available and possible, flexible emergency air cargo solutions and much more.

We provide door to door and Airport to Airport services with advance track and trace information system hosted on reliable servers.   We offer multiple routing options to provide ‘Same Day Delivery’ & ‘Next Flight Out’ services to our clients, thanks to our multiple Air Taxi Operators such as Vistara, IndiGo, Air India and Spice Jet, who help us to maintain the highest level of industry standards. We provide customized and priority services for critical cargo and parcels like production chain components, life saving drugs, documents etc.

Air Cargo in India | Market & Growth

As per the 2020 Parliamentary report, India is one of the fastest growing domestic Air Traffic market in South Asia cornering 69 percent of total airline traffic in the region. The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2018 ranks India as 53rd out of 140 countries worldwide in air transport infrastructure. India is also catching up with other leading aviation markets in terms of market penetration. Air cargo logistics and transportation is also set to grow at a fast pace in the next few years to keep pace with the expected growth in economy of the country. India’s domestic air cargo handled grew by 8% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) between FY 2013-14 and FY 2019-20, while international air cargo grew by 6% per annum. From more than 700 registered aircraft, the figure is likely to reach 1,200 in next few years and the freighter aircrafts deployed by Indian airlines have increased from 7 (2018) to 28 during the last three years (2021). It has been forecasted that India will cross over into the top 10 air freight markets in the near future. It carried over 3.3 million tonnes of Air Freight Cargo in 2017-18 which is expected to reach 6.5 million tonnes.

Express Air Cargo has works with Cargo Airlines like SpiceExpress, Quickjet, BlueDart Aviation, Indigo SmartKargo, Air India Cargo, Maersk Air Cargo and other players in the Industry to provide end-to-end  cost effective Air transportation solutions from small parcels to over dimensional cargo consignments. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Cargo Shipments


• Fast & time saving

Air Shipments are fastest mode for transportation specially for critical, high value consignments. For Domestic shipments, deliveries can be done on same day or within 24 hours.


• Interconnected wide network:

Airlines have a huge network connecting domestic and international locations ensuring air cargo shipments can be delivered to any part of the world.

• Security:

Air shipments are prone to less risk of theft and loss due to high level of security and stringent scrutiny of packages. Air shipment tracking is far more reliable and trustworthy, also because most of the shipments and critical and high value which makes the shipping company take extra care.

• Saves warehousing space

The air shippers can easily transfer shipments on short deadlines, decreasing the need for large warehousing spaces.


•High costs & comparatively expensive

Shipping by air is relatively more expensive than other modes of transport, road transport for domestic and ocean shipment for international shipping. This makes air fright cargo unrealistically expensive for larger volumes.

• Takes small consignments only

Bulk orders and large voluminous shipments restricted for Air shipments. While cost restrictions is a factor, airline do not take big consignment due to space constraints too. 

Last mile connectivity:

Airlines have far lesser domestic connectivity than road and railways which makes it less desirable for shorter distances, remote non-connected locations and locations far away from airline-connected cities.

Gati Movers Packers Air Cargo & Air Freight Services Bangalore.

Air Cargo Services

Efficient and fastest way to transport time critical goods, from a important package to industrial machines, across cities specific time constraints. For non-air connected cities, we provide deliveries by Road.

Warehouse Services

Expess Air Cargo Warehouse & Storage Services at Bangalore.

Warehouse facilities for inbound and outbound Air Cargo at cargo terminals and outside. Customized delivery schedules, transit warehousing, material holding and short term warehousing, provide all.

Cross Dock

Gati Movers Packers Bangalore Air Cargo safe & economical cross dock services

Express Air Freight Cross dock services at all major locations allow us to control your delivery & distribution processing in a timely manner to get your goods to the destination on time and on budget.

Air Cargo & Value added Services

Our Services include urgent Back to Back freight (airport to airport), Door to Airport ( Economy freight ) Door to Door (Express Cargo) services. We also have warehouse and delivery network for distribution.

  General Air Freight
  Loose Cargo
  Cargo Raw Materials
  Cargo Finished products
  Spares Parts
  Cargo Electronics goods,
  Pharmaceuticals Logistics and Life saving drugs
  Perishable foods including Agricultural goods.
  Dangerous goods

Air freight services for Machinery, Antiques, Aircraft parts, Engines, Motor Vehicles, Motor Cycles, personal effects, household goods, Prototype models and Vehicles, Cinema screens, Projector screens, High value items (paintings and collectables), Generator shipping.

Air cargo shipping demand has increased significantly over the last few years for both domestic and international cargo. This is mainly due to shortened product life cycles and increased demand for faster and quick delivery. The start up ecosystem and demand of more curated and personalized products and services have also resulted in increased Air cargo demand.  because product life cycles have shortened and demand for rapid delivery has increased. Changing business models such as Just- in-Time Manufacturing and Global out sourcing models have contributed to the rapid growth of air cargo logistics business. In such a changing business environment, where speed-to- market is a competitive imperative, movement of inventory is no longer viewed as a compartmentalized process. Rather, the sourcing of inputs, parts and components and the delivery of final product are all viewed as a continuous value-adding chain. Efficient supply chain management therefore offers significant benefits including lower inventory and intermediary costs; and simplicity in order placement, delivery and management of suppliers and customers. These benefits directly contribute to making businesses more competitive.

Air Cargo Services | Bangalore Air Freight Services

International Air freight Cargo Services and Sea freight Cargo Services

Express Air Cargo Services provides economically priced and professionally executed Air Freight shipping solutions for cargo transportation and logistics services worldwide. Our Air Cargo and Sea freight provides cargo transportation to all major destinations worldwide covering every major country and cities with on-time deliveries, incoming and outgoing warehousing facilities at all major airports and sea ports, trans shipments and  cross dock facilities. We have a dedicated team of highly trained freight shipping specialists, structured to provide our customers with a competitive edge when they choose to send by air cargo services or sea cargo services. Our solid infrastructure of global freight management supports international freight shipping that is focused on our core competency – versatility in accommodating each customer’s special handling and freight shipping requirements.

Domestic Air freight Cargo Services and Air Cargo Services

What is Air Cargo & Air Freight Services? What kind of Cargo is best suited to be transported by Air Cargo and Air Freight?

Air Cargo and Air Freight is transportation of goods with Airlines. The goods can be transported with dedicated cargo aircrafts or as a cargo in passenger airlines known as belly hold cargo. Cargo Freight in one of the major income source for Airlines and almost all regular passenger airlines have commercial cargo operations. Air freight cargo or air cargo services is the most viable option when transporting high value goods, critical time sensitive cargo like life saving drugs or factory line component, perishable goods etc. Important parameters for Air Freight Cargo is time, volume and criticality of the cargo. One of the major benefits of Air Shipments is availability of Refrigeration ensuring that it becomes viable transportation option of perishable and temperature sensitive cargo. At Express Air Shipment division, we provides multiple options for the most competitive and reliable air freight forwarding services.

Warehouse Services for Air Cargo Consignments

Express Air Shipment provides warehousing services for Air Cargo Consignments at most major airports and cities. Our warehouse are climate controlled and 24/7 security enabled. The Customized warehousing solutions and strategically sited distribution centers boost your productivity, increase flexibility and help manage valuable resources.


We offer services that goes beyond inventory management and supply chain management.  Strategic location means our warehouses and distribution centers are near to major airports, ports and distribution centers. Our warehouses have a strategically planned network to ensure it meets our customer's cross border transportation needs, hub and fork implementation, cross transportation across locations, their critical production line manufacturing requirements, last mile delivery, after sale logistics and reverse logistics needs.

Cross Docking for Air Shipments

What is Cross Docking

Cross docking is a distribution system which involves minimum handling and storage of goods ensuring complete safety of goods and minimal time. The Air freight cargo from a supplier / manufacturing plant are distributed directly to a customer or retail chain with marginal to no handling or storage time thereby expediting and simplifying the process. The Docking terminal has dock doors and trucking platform on both sides (inbound and outbound) and storage or holding space. The Cross Docking is the process of receiving and unloading Air Freight Cargo from inbound dock and then transferring the freight Cargo across the dock to outbound transportation dock and loading onto the transportation trucks.

Advantages of  Cross Docking
  • Cross Docking can be used in successful implementation of 'Hub and Spoke' distribution system wherein a Cross dock site provides a centralized location for Air Freight Cargo to be aggregated, sorted and similar cargo and products combined to be combined for delivery to multiple location within a distribution area in a most effective, fast and productive way. Hub and spoke model is the most commonly used distribution model followed by FMCG, Pharma, Medical & online e-commerce companies.

  • Cross Docking sites also serve as Load Consolidation hub, the process of combining multiple small Air Cargo Freight consignment to be transported together resulting in saving transportation cost, reducing delivery time and simplifying the distribution process.

  • De-consolidation of Air shipment cargo can be done at Cross Docking sites by segregating large Air Cargo Parcel into small loads / consignment to make multiple delivery consignments to different parts of the city / state.  The consolidation and de-consolidation is the basis of most interstate and intercity distribution networks.

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Reviews - What our Air Cargo customers say

Just to acknowledge the outstanding service supplied by Express Air Cargo Services for deliveries of our samples and components to our vendors and clients on short notice periods. The logistics team is really supportive, have a very good knowledge of operations and documents, prompt responses and updates and amazing problem solving capabilities has really helped us in multiple ways. In our long association of over 6 years, hardly have we experienced any anxieties during these highly critical air freight deliveries. The pickups have been prompt, logistics smooth and timely deliveries. We recommend them highly.

Sujith Nair, EAM Technologies, Bangalore.

Why Choose Express Air Cargo Services.

Express Air Cargo offers trustful, fast and reasonably priced cost effective air cargo services for Domestic and International Cargo consignments. Having established itself as one of the most trustful and cheapest Air Freight Company, we have offices and warehouses at almost all major airports in India and provide cargo services all over India. We offer excellent value for money services, adhere to promised delivery schedules, add-on services include packing & door pickup, complete paperwork and formalities, odd hours/ holiday pickup and deliveries, flexible payment terms and emergency service. 

Fully trackable

Real time tracking of cargo consignment helps our customers plan ahead of time. Our Air Cargo tracking system and 24/7 customer care ensure we are always there, whenever you need

best Rates

Express Cargo offers best rates for Domestic Air Cargo. Our unmatched and unbeatable prices ensure value for money for our customers. Our pricing is reasonable, transparent & honest

We have offices in all major cities and offer Air Cargo and Freight services to over 750 cities and towns. We work with all major Airlines to provide unparrallel services at umatched pricing.

nationwide coverage

24/7 support

Our 24/7 customer support ensure we all available whenever u need us. We keep you loop till the consignment is delivered safely, updating you with real time status of consignment.

Procedure for Clearance of Imported and Export Goods

Bill of Entry – Cargo Declaration

EDI Assessment
Examination of Goods
Green Channel facility

Execution of Bonds
Payment of Duty
Amendment of Bill of Entry
Prior Entry for Bill of Entry
Mother Vessel/Feeder vessel
Specialized Schemes
Bill of Entry for Bond/Warehousing

Procedure for Import Clearance


Processing of Shipping Bill - Non-EDI

Processing of Shipping Bill - EDI

Octroi procedure, Quota Allocation and Other certification for Export Goods

Arrival of Goods at Docks

System Appraisal of Shipping Bills

Status of Shipping Bill

Customs Examination of Export Cargo

Variation Between the Declaration & Physical Examination

Stuffing / Loading of Goods in Containers

Drawal of Samples


Export of Goods Under Claim for Drawback

Generation of Shipping Bills

Export General Manifest

Procedure for Export Clearance

Express Air Cargo provide customs clearance and brokerage services across all major airports/ports , our team providing a quick and compliant customs clearance whether that be by Air or Sea. Regulatory compliance and documentation is the key requirement especially when sending your goods overseas from the India or vice-versa, We ensure that your export and import processes are handled properly by a fully licensed customs broker ensuring full compliance ensuring a smooth cargo transfer. We can provide expert and essential advice and consultation on correct classification of your goods, by ensuring that the right customs procedures are used and documents are stored for auditing purposed by Customs department, we take away the hassle and complexity of the customs clearance process so that you can focus on running your business.

Air Freight Cargo - Frequently Asked Questions

How are Air Cargo transported.

Air Cargo is majorly transported in 2 ways. First, most domestic and international airlines carry cargo shipments on their passenger flights. Secondly, there are dedicated cargo aircrafts like Bluedart, Fedex, Maersk which operate Cargo flights for domestic and International locations. 

What are Special Cargo Services.

Special Cargo shipments are booked with prior intimation and guaranteed space commitment. Below mentioned categories fall in the range of Special Air Cargo Services:

  • Perishable goods – cut flowers, fresh fruits, vegetables, frozen fish, shrimp seeds etc.

  • Newspapers, magazines, books & periodicals

  • Vulnerable cargo (mobile, camera, laptops etc.)

  • Medicines, bulk drugs, pharmaceutical products

  • Household and Personal Goods

  • Unaccompanied baggage

Special Cargo is packed in separate bags which are easily identifiable. Each bag will be sealed so as to prevent any loss of content and is loaded on the first scheduled flight.

What Goods are restricted as Air Cargo Transport.

Some goods are restricted as Air Cargo due to health or safety hazards to the aircraft and/or passengers, or any other damage. The main restricted categories are:

  • Explosives: fireworks and firecrackers, detonating fuses, etc.

  • Gases: such as compressed gas, dry ice, fire extinguisher, gas cartridge, inflated ball, respirator, explosive automotive airbag, aerosol, gas lighter, gas cylinder, and lamp bulb etc.

  • Flammable liquid: e.g. paint, gasoline, alcohol, engine oil, camphor oil, engine starting fluid, turpentine, thinner, mucilage, perfume, insect sprays, air freshener etc.

  • Flammable solid, pyrophoric substances, and substances that emit flammable gases in contact with water: e.g. activated carbon, titanium powder, copra, castor products, rubber debris, safety matches, dry white phosphorus , dry yellow phosphorus, magnesium powder, and solid gum, etc.

  • Toxic and infectious items: pesticides, lithium batteries

  • Corrosive items: e.g. batteries, alkaline battery electrolyte

  • Magnetic substances without degaussing packaging, magnetic steel and other strong magnetic products: e.g. currency detectors, speakers, magnets

  • Items dangerous to public health: e.g. corpses & bones (inc. incinerated), untanned hides, animal bones not processed with chemicals

  • Oxidizers, organic peroxides, radioactive materials & corrosive items: e.g. chemical medicines, lab chemicals (potassium permanganate, sulphuric acid)

  • Powder, liquids, pastes, and other items with danger signs on their packaging

  • Biochemical products and infectious materials of all kinds: e.g. bacillus anthracis, dangerous pathogens, medical wastes

Things to consider while booking Air Freight Cargo

  • Cargo is accepted and transported as per IATA rules.

  • Packing of the shipments should be air worthy to withstand normal handling during transit.

  • The shipper is expected to provide proper declaration of the shipments with respect to its content and value.

  • Shipments booked on prime rate takes precedence over general cargo.

  • Chargeable weight will be determined by the actual gross weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher.

  • The gross weight of single shipment (item) should not exceed 85 kgs.

  • The origin station should receive prior intimation regarding the weight, dimensions and other particulars in case of heavy/or odd dimension shipments.

  • Palletization of heavy shipments is compulsory.

  • Liquid and semi liquid consignments will be accepted only if packed in accordance with IATA standards.

  • Dangerous goods are prohibited for carriage.

Can I book Air Cargo through Air Cargo Agents

Absolutely YES. Airline Cargo can be book through registered Cargo agents, more so when you aren't fully aware of compliances and procedures. Cargo agents are also helpful in providing add-on services like packing, pelleting of heavy goods, documentation and paperwork compliance, door pickup and door delivery of goods, warehousing and distribution. 

Goods can be booked directly with Airline offices too but that's more time-consuming since you have to be at the booking office 3 hours prior to the flight and have all required documents ready.

How to book a 'Dead Body' or 'Human remains on a Airline

Carriage of Human Remains or Dead body by Airline is under special arrangements. The following documents are required for the carriage of Human Remains if the transportation is on domestic flights:
1) Death Certificate -Death certificate is a mandatory document and should be issued from the hospital or the respective doctor stating the reason for demise. Some requirements of the document include specifications in the English language, name, age, gender, cause of death, medical license number, and more.
2) Cremation Certificate (If as ashes) ,
3) Embalming Certificate(If in coffin) - Embalming is compulsory when it comes to dead body transport by air. The primary reason is to avoid decomposition of the body by replacing the fluids of the body with chemicals. A Embalming certificate of is issued necessary to get air cargo clearances.

After embalming the next step is to get a coffin box from the undertakers of the funeral. They will package the lost loved one safely and securely and will then issue a certificate as a confirmation.

4) Police Certificate. Must if the death is unnatural.

The following additional documents are required for the carriage of Human Remains if the transportation is on International flights:
1) Cancelled passport,
2) Consular Certificates (from the office of the Consular of the nationality of the, deceased)
for further information you may contact the nearest AI Cargo office.

What is the procedure to transport Pets by Air.

Moving Pet by Air makes it easy for Pets and pet parents while moving long distance. Pet animals can be carried as an accompanied baggage in a passenger flight or shipped as Cargo.


To carry Pets as unaccompanied baggage, request is to be made at the time of making your booking and some formalities have to be completed. Some of them are standard guidelines while others are airline specific. Pets will be carried at an additional charge as per Excess Baggage Charges and will not be included in the Free Baggage Allowance, even if the passenger has no other baggage. Weight of the pet plus container as also food carried per container will be charged. However these pets may be carried free of charge if the dog is trained to lead the blind passenger with impaired vision and dependent on such dog or the passenger with impaired hearing and dependent on the dog, provided this is medically established or supported. Dog if properly harnessed may be permitted to be carried in the cabin but cannot occupy a seat. 

Pets will be accepted only when properly crated and accompanied by valid health and rabies vaccination certificates, entry permits and other documents required by countries of entry for transit Pets will be accepted at owner’s risk and subject to requirements of the carrier. 

How to calculate Volumetric Weight for Air Cargo?

Air freight transportation are dictated by the weight and cubic measurement factors, where the carrier will charge based on Actual Weight or Volumetric, whichever is higher.

Air Freight Shipments have an IATA  (Indian airline transport association) Airline Cubic Allowance Factor of 1 Kilo = 6,000 Cubic Centimeters.



The carton measures 30 × 45 × 50cms, which is 67500 cubic centimeters. Divide this figure by the IATA/Airline Cubic Allowance Factor of 6000 cubic centimeters = 11.25 Kilos.

Here, the Air Freight charge will be calculated on 12 kilos volumetric, 

Advantages of Shipping cargo by Air

  • Speed: Shipping Cargo by Air is considerably faster than Road or Sea mode transport. A rough estimate of transit time is 1-3 days by express air service or air courier, 5-10 days by any other air service, and 20-45 days by container ship. Customs clearance and cargo examination at airports also take a shorter time than at sea ports.           

  • Reliability: Airlines operate on strict schedules, which means cargo arrival and departure times are highly reliable and enables industries to plan in better way.  

  • Security: Airlines and airports exercise strict control over cargo, significantly lowering the risk of theft and damage.

  • Coverage: Airlines provide wide coverage with flights to and from most destinations in the world.

Air Freight Cargo - Challenges Ahead

Should corporate executives and supply chain professionals agree with the assertion that the use of Air freight mode, at the premium rates it charges compared to HSR or Road Transportation, can prove advantageous for regular cargo shipments. Unquestionably, air cargo services provide faster and prompt service for longer distances, beyond the same day or overnight delivery range of trucks and High Speed Railways. 

When comparing Shipping alternatives, merely focusing on shipping cost is not adequate enough. There are multiple parameters that needs in-depth and extensive evaluations - Speed, frequency of services, dependability of service and operational capabilities like door to door delivery, handling facility for heavy and large consignments, emergency diversion during transit). When comparing with Road and rail transport as alternatives, Air service is falls short in frequency and dependability. Despite Air cargo providing improved operational advantages and performances in some  critical supply areas such as high value goods and perishable items, it does not measure up to rail or road network in overall logistical operation system. Road Transportation rates high on other parameters like door pickup and door delivery, handling heavy equipment and material, diversion and diverting of consignments and considerable freedom from time restraint for pickup and delivery scheduling. The only special advantage that Air Freight Cargo have over Rail and Road Transportation is speed and transit time. 

Another challenge to Air Freight Cargo comes from High Speed Railways. The increased commissioning of High Speed Railway network has a direct effect on the Air cargo volumes, specially the belly hold cargo. Dedicated Freighters have very little or almost negligible effect on its capacity. HSR effect the Air cargo in two major ways. Due to increased frequency of high speed railways, the passenger flights decrease in many sector which directly effects the availability of belly hold cargo space. This may be more impactful in the inter-metro connectivity and medium distance locations. Also as Railways provide far more accommodative and varied services, even high value and perishable cargo may move from Air Cargo to Railways for medium distances since the disadvantage of speed is mitigated by other advantages offered by Railways like cost, better handling facilities etc.

How does Air Cargo move - The Process 

Air-Cargo-Movement.png, Air Freight agents Bangalore. Air Cargo agents Bangalore.

Air Cargo supply chains is a complex process of transferring consignments from origin to destination involves multiple service providers and are subject to many regulatory and administrative requirements. The regulatory requirements range from low risk - a consignment of regular shipments like household goods or product samples from known and identifiable sources to relatively safe regions to high risk consignments of unusual shipments from an relatively unknown discreet sources being send to to unknown source, diverted multiple times and destined for a relatively unsafe zones.


These Air Shipments and consignments are handled by multiple services providers and entities with different roles and varying responsibilities. These include airline carriers who actually carry the consignment from one location to another, regulated agents who act as facilitators between customers and airline carrier, consignors who book the goods and consignee who are supposed to receive the cargo, haulers and ground handlers, road transporters who arrange the pick and delivery of consignments.  Many a times there are multiple transfers and diversions of cargo between several flights before it reaches the destination and will be subjected to a variety of procedures and documentary requirements in accordance with legal and commercial frameworks. 

Air Cargo Agents 

Air Cargo Agents or Air Cargo brokers are independent entities which facilitates the cargo handling and movements, advise and assist the clients / consignors / sellers in documentation and customer clearance. They work on the sellers / consignors behalf and arrange integrated functions like forwarding, consolidation, warehousing, door delivery as a single point of contact. With increasing frequency of passenger airlines resulting in increased belly cargo space, Air Cargo agents play an important role in consolidation and filling up of available cargo space. 



The buyer is the purchaser of the goods and, in the international trade context, is also known as the importer. The buyer or importer either clears consignments on its own or utilizes the services of a broker to assist with various requirements of border regulatory agencies.


Consignor (client booking the consignment)

The Individual or clients booking the goods (or sends the goods) as cargo for movement or transportation is the consignor of those goods. A consignor is the entity or individual who initiates the movement or transport of the goods. In other words, it is the sender. A 'Known Consignor' is an entity or individual required to meet and maintain a high level of security and compliance, ensuring all Air Cargo is safe to be loaded onto an aircraft. Regardless of the destination, Air Cargo that originates from a Known Consignor does not require further examination before uplift onto an aircraft. They are allowed to load their consignment directly onto the airplane which makes the process far more faster and seamless. 

Consignee (Recipient of Goods)

The consignee is the recipient of transported goods or air cargo shipment. 

Consolidation of Air Cargo

Airline can carry huge volume of goods and one or two individual consignments are not enough to fill the holding capacity. This is overcome by consolidation of cargo or consignments. The bringing together two or more small shipments, often from different shippers, into large shipment quantities, in order to take advantage of economies of scale in transportation costs is called consolidation. The cargo destination for same locations is clubbed together and loaded onto the aircraft. With commissioning of ever larger aircraft with humongous holding space makes consolidation much more important and desirable. The freight forwarders and Air Cargo Agents play an important part in consolidation of cargo.  

Freight forwarders

Freight forwarders are integral part of the Air cargo transport logistics process and arrange for air shipments to be managed in such a way that they are ready for transportation by aircraft operators or airlines. Such arrangements might include the consolidation of cargo and service relating to the preparation, storage, carriage and final delivery of goods, including the applicable documentary and facilitation formalities and range of ancillary and advisory services in relation to the physical movement of the goods. Freight forwarders are usually not actual carrier of goods and cargo but acts as an intermediary as organizer of multiple carriages in several modes of transport contributing and appending the supply chain. Consignment can be transported as single carrier mode process or as Multimodal transports when air cargo services are combined with sea, rail, or road transport trucking from the shipper or manufacturer to the airport of departure and from the airport of destination to the consignee. Freight forwarders also assist and help clients for Customs and fiscal matters, declaring the goods for official purposes, procuring insurance for the goods, and collecting or procuring payment or documents relating to the goods. Freight forwarding services also include logistical services with modern information and communication technology in connection with the carriage, handling, or storage of goods and, de facto, total supply chain management. For air cargo shipments, a freight forwarder normally books and contracts with an aircraft operator in the form of an air transport service agreement from the airport of departure to the airport of destination. The freight forwarder will then proceed with the shipment from its warehouse or another location and deliver it directly to the aircraft operator or its representative. This process normally starts well before Customs export formalities have been resolved

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Have Questions About Air Cargo Shipments

  • What kind of vehicle are used for Local shifting in Bangalore?
    The size and type of vehicle depends on the move size and accessibility to loading and unloading points. We use fully covered container vehicle for local shifting services within Bangalore to ensure goods are safe during transportation. We have fleet of company owned and operated container vehicle ranging from small Tata Ace Vehicles to 19 feet containers.
  • What are Local packers movers services provided by Express Movers Packers?
    Local movers packers services Bangalore provides professional and reasonable packing and moving shifting services. Local Shifting Services include dismantling of furniture, water filter, digital TV Antenna etc, Secure packing of goods using appropriate ISO grade packing material, loading, transportation, unloading, unpacking and rearranging of major goods including furniture, electronic goods and heavy goods. We provides packing material, manpower and logistics support.
  • Top 10 Local packers movers in Bangalore to help to decide reasonably:
    Top 10 packers and movers in Bangalore are companies which are professional and transparent companies. List of Best packers movers in Bangalore include: 1. Professional Express Movers and Packers 2. Agarwal packers and movers 3. PMR 4. Interem 5. Crown Relocations 6. Greenways Relocations 7. Allied 8. Writer Relocations 9. All India Relocations 10. Leo Packers and Movers
  • How much does Local packers movers services in Bangalore cost?
    The local packers and movers charges depends on multiple parameters: Home Size (1 BHK / 2 BHK etc) Packing material and packing required. Loading and Unloading floors and availability of Lift. Distance between the 2 locations. Any specific / special / custom requirements like multiple pickups or deliery, storage etc. Average Local packers and movers charges: 1. 1 BHK house shifting charges - Rs. 5500 - Rs. 9500 2. 2 BHK House shifting charges - Rs. 8500 - Rs. 12500 3. 3 BHK Household Goods shifting Charges - Rs. 9500 - Rs. 16500 4. 4 BHK / 5 BHK / Villa Local Shifting service charges are based on personal customized requirements.
  • Do Packers movers companies provide packing material?
    Yes, Express packers movers provides ISO Grade packing material to pack the goods. We use high strength carton boxes, specialized crockery boxes, Foam sheets for furniture wrapping, bubble sheets to pack crockery, electronic goods, furniture and other critical goods, corrugated rolls for wrapping furniture, adhesive tapes and other kind of packing material required for safe packing of Household and Personal Goods.
  • How much time does local moving within a city take?
    The local packing and moving within a city is usually completed within a day including packing and delivery services. What exactly determines the time taken for a move: 1. Size of Move 2. Origin (loading) and Destination (Unloading) floor. 3. Loading and unloading distance. 4. Availability of lift at both locations. 5. Packing required. 6. Distance between the 2 locations. 1 or 2 BHK packing and relocation is mostly over within a day. 3 or 4 BHK may extend to the next day depending on the goods.
  • Do Local packers movers uninstall and dismantle furniture & Cots?
    Yes, Packers and Movers companies dismantle / uninstall cots, dinning tables and other furnitures and refix / reinstall them at the destination locations. Gati Express Movers Bangalore will also remove water filter, digital TV antenna, wall mounted or stand mounted LCD / LED TV, lock front loading washing machine etc. We do not undertake re-installing water filter, wall mounting TV (we can fix the TV on the stand) and refixing modular furniture including Almirah and Double cots.
  • How much do packers movers charge for Local Shifting?
    Professional Packers Movers provide immense value, save time and effort during a local moving process. While it may be possible for individuals to do a local move by themselves with the help of friends and family, there are too many risks and factors involved. The local moving of Household goods within Bangalore charges are dependent of many factors : Volume of Household and Personal Goods. Packing required. Distance between current and destination locations. Availibility of Lifts, Origin and destination location floors and any special requirements.
  • What Local Packing and Shifting services are provided by Express Movers Bangalore?
    Intracity Relocation or Local Packing and Moving services refers to packing and shifting of Household goods, Office goods and other material within City limits or within a range of 50-60 kms outside the city, within same state. Express Movers packers provides comprehensive packing and relocation services for Local Shiftings: - Free Pre move survey and Quotation. - Dismantling of Furniture, removal of equipment like water filter, digital TV Antenna, Washing machine, wall mounted / stand mounted LCD TV. - Secure packing of goods using appropriate packing material. - Loading the goods onto the container. - Transportation to destination location. - unloading of goods and placing them in the new house. - unpacking and rearranging of major bulky goods. - Refixing of furniture. We have multiple offices in Bangalore, in Yelahanka, Yeshwantpur, Whitefield, Electronic City and HSR Layout. Express Movers provides local packing and shifting services in almost all location in Bangalore including Hosur, Tumkar, Kolar, Channapatna, Mysore, Mandya etc.
  • Do Packers Movers pack everything in a local shifting?
    Local packers movers companies pack most of the stuff during local moving within a city. Gati Express packers Bangalore has customised packing material to pack the goods securely to ensure complete safety of goods during loading, unloading and transportation of goods. We use airbubble, corrugated roles for packing fragile and electronic goods. We have specialized foam sheets for packing furniture and other heavy bulky goods. Kitchen goods, clothes and small items are packed in carton boxes. We use quality packing material. The packing material is taken back by the movers packers Bangalore after the unpacking of goods on completion of local shifting process.
  • Do Packers Movers charge more on Weekends and Holidays?
    Yes, Packers Movers companies usually charge more for Weekends, Public Holidays and beginning and end of Month. This is basically due to increased demands during these days. Weekends and Public holidays are most preferred moving days for obvious reasons.
  • What documents are required for Air Shipment.
    Export license vary depending on the product to be shipped, origin and destination country, there are some documents that are usually required for all kinds of air cargo shipments . 1. Shipper’s Letter of Instruction: This document provides information and instructions on shipping for the freight forwarded on movement and delicacy of the products in the shipment. 2. Packing List: It contains the list of contents of the goods to be shipped. The packing list should be prepared as per the specified format containing all the necessary details and with full knowledge of the contents. 3. Commercial Invoice: This is required for international shipping, especially for customs clearance. The commercial invoice contains the contents, price and registration details of the company. 4. Airway bill or AWB: An Airway Bill is a document between a shipper and a carrier used for tracking, a guide for handling goods and customs declarations.
  • How to track my Air cargo shipment.
    On booking the consignment, we provide you AWB or AirWay Bill which can be used to track the shipments to get real time status. You can also call our 24/7 customer assistance desk and get complete real time updates on the shipments.
  • How can I know the exact custom charges that will be charged for a shipment.
    Customs duties are calculated on a specific or ad valorem basis, i.e. on the value of goods. The value of goods is determined by Rule 3(i) of Customs Valuation (Determination of Value of Imported Goods) Rules, 2007. Custom duties chargeable on a air cargo shipment cannot be predicated for multiple reasons. Customs department has the complete rights to scrutinize the shipments and implement the duties based on the content of the shipment. Customs duty is a indirect tax applicable on all goods imported and a few goods exported out of the country. Duties levied on import of goods are termed as import duty while duties levied on exported goods are termed as an export duty. Countries around the world levy customs duties on the import/export of goods as a means to raise revenue and/or shield domestic institutions from predatory or efficient competitors from other countries. Customs duty is levied as per the value of goods or dimensions, weight, and other such criteria according to the goods in question. If duties are based on the value of goods, then they are called ad valorem duties, while quantity/weight-based duties are called specific duties. Compound duties on goods are a combination of value as well as various other factors.
  • Can Fragile goods can be shipped by Air Freight Cargo.
    Express Air Cargo Services provide packaging services for air shipment cargo. You can send fragile items by properly and securely packing the stuff. We can provide special customized packing services for fragile goods and same can be shipped.
  • How to calculate chargeable weight for Air Cargo shipments.
    Air Cargo shipments are charged on the basis of actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher. Actual weight of the shipment or dead weight is the actual weight of the shipment measured in kilograms (kg) or pounds (lb). Volumetric weight or dimensional weight uses the length, width, and height to calculate a parcel's overall size and, similar to actual weight, is measured in kilograms or pounds. Volumetric weight = (height x width x length) / dimensional factor This dimensional factor, also known as the cubic divisor, is set differently by each shipping company. Most shipping companies and Air cargo agents consider both volumetric and actual weight to calculate shipping costs because it better represents the true cost of delivering the shipment. The larger the cargo parcel is, the more space it takes up on a vehicle or aircraft, more it costs to transport. Aircrafts have both weight and space constraints. It has limited space to accommodate cargo and can carry specified cargo weight. Calculating volumetric weight: in Cms. Length * breadth * height / 5000 * no of pieces = volumetric or dimensional weight of the shipment in kgs. in Inches. Length * breadth * height / 305 * no of pieces = volumetric or dimensional weight of the shipment in kgs.
  • Domestic packers movers
    provides domestic packers mvoers
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