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Movers Packers Guide: Top 8 questions you should ask movers packers companies before hiring.

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Customers guide to hiring professional, experienced and trust worthy packers moving company.

Movers Packers Hiring Guide: Top 8 question to ask before hiring movers packers in Bangalore.

Moving and Relocation is a specialized job and requires expertise, experience and understanding to ensure customers are served well, as per their expectations and goods are relocated safely. Every year there are thousands of new packers movers companies in India claiming to be professional and experts but not all of them are.

While local shifting within a city is comparatively less stressful, intercity or interstate packing moving services require extensive research and planning and one of the most important task is choosing the right packing and relocation company.


Here is the list of top 8 questions you should be asking the movers packers companies in Bangalore. Asking the right well-researched questions is the key to getting right information that will help you to take a well informed & right decision. Choosing a right packing and relocation company for your move is the first step towards hassle free & safe moving experience.

Is the movers packers company registered and licensed?

Registration and compliance of Government Laws and statues can be one reason to trust the movers packers company. Customers should inquire and check GST registration, Shops & Establishment registration and Labor Department registration. These are some of the basic registration required by Indian Laws which ensures the relocation and transportation companies are accountable to the registering authorities.

Permanent registered address and contact details of the moving company.

Checking and validating permanent address and contact details of moving company is part of basic checking of company's credentials. As a customer, you are handing over valuable goods to a company and should be aware of these details. It is advisable that the moving company has a permanent office in your city and the destination city to ensure that the goods are not handled by third party.

Are the Quotes all inclusive with terms and conditions explained.

Never trust what the surveyor or the moving company executive says or promises and insist on having everything on company letterhead or email from official ID. A genuine reasonable mover will enthusiastically agree to this and ensure transparent and full explained term sheet.

Detailed quotes, extensively explained costs and terms and conditions are important, more so if there are some issues like damages, loss, demand for excess payments, insurance claims, delayed deliveries, unscheduled and unplanned circumstances etc.

Gati Bangalore Terms and Conditions for Movers packers Services. All Inclusive Cost, GST and Taxes of Packing moving services.

Is the entire moving process handled by the moving company themselves or are they subcontracting it to third party vendors?

Many packers movers companies, even the well-known largest ones, subcontract full or part of the moving process to another moving company or vendor. The most common is transportation, delivery, unloading and unpacking services. This creates a situation an unpleasant situation where the hired moving company is not in direct control of the process. While hiring transport vehicles, trucks and containers for transportation of goods is a legitimate and accepted norm for moving companies due to real-time constraints, subcontracting of packing services, delivery and unloading services should be avoided. It is prudent that you ask the movers packers company in Bangalore if they are subcontracting any part of the process and how will the responsibility held in such a case.

What are your payment terms and how do u accept the payments?

Payment terms is the most basic part and should be one of the deciding factor while hiring a movers packers company. Most reasonable and customer centric moving companies offer flexible payment terms to its customers. Professional movers packers companies in Bangalore with well established network offer reasonably balanced payment terms of advance payment on packing and balance payment on delivery of goods. These bifurcated payment terms give confidence and assurance to the customer. Also, check the mode of payments. It is advisable to pay by cheque or online transfer to the moving companies account and strictly avoid paying in cash. Also collect the payment receipt with all the detailed clearly mentioned.

Do you provide warehousing and storage services?

There are 2 basic storage and warehousing services that customers may require. Long term storage and Transit storage. Ask the movers packers Bangalore company if they provide transit storage facility, paid or complimentary, during the relocation from one city to another. This may be helpful if the destination place is not ready to be occupied, possession is delayed and any other last minute unplanned circumstances which may require delayed delivery. Having a clear understanding about transit storage even if u don't necessarily require storage services ensure the moving company cannot overcharge you if the necessity arrives. Important aspects of the storage and warehousing services needs clear understanding -

  1. Do the packers movers provide storage and warehousing services at Origin or destination city.

  2. Storage charges. Also get a clarity on charges if the storage is extended beyond the agreed period.

  3. Storage period than can be availed, both complimentary and paid.

  4. Loading and Unloading charges if any.

  5. Delivery Charges.

  6. Are the goods insured during the Storage and warehousing period.

  7. Advance notice required by moving company to deliver the goods.

  8. Payment Terms.

What if the delivery gets delayed or if the movers packers cancel the booking last minute?

Delayed deliveries and last minute cancellations by Movers packers companies is one of the most common service deficiencies. Have a clear commitment from the moving company about the delivery schedule, penalties or compensations in case of last minute cancellation and delayed deliveries.

Last minute cancellation of bookings is also a major complaint faced by the customers. This usually happens during busy weekends, holidays and beginning & last days of the month.

Are there any miscellaneous charges or extra charges than those mentioned in the quotation?

Once you have the quotation from movers packers Bangalore with you, it is absolutely imperative that you seek clarification on the costs mentioned. Make sure to have in writing that there are no costs other than those clearly mentioned in the quote. Seek clarification on any variable cost. Concealed charges and Miscellaneous costs are more of a issue with smaller movers packers.

Movers Packers Charges in Bangalore. Household goods shiftings charges Bangalore.

These are basic and important aspects that a customer should have answers to, to ensure that the packing and relocation process is smooth and hassle free. There are many other things like packing material quality, packing procedure etc that should be thoroughly research before picking up a moving company in Bangalore.

In case you have a complaint against a Movers packers company and don't know the process to complaint resolution, here's a guide to 'Filing Fraud / Cheating Complaint against Movers packers companies'. It explains the complaint escalation process, forum available to file a complaint and resources required.

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